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Mustang Best Exhaust Guide

Mustang Best Exhaust Guide
As we know the Mustang needs an aftermarket exhaust to "release the beast" inside especially to unlock an authentic V8 sound. However this is equally true if you want to give your Ecoboost a sporty tone too. As such, one of the questions we encounter most is; "what is the best exhaust?". Well here is our answer:

"It Depends"

This isn't very helpful in itself, but what might help you (hopefully!) is this brief guide to why it depends & what factors can help you make your decision, we hope it helps a little. Remember you can always ASK Steeda UK for advice if you need.

The factors involved in choosing an exhaust:

There are a number of variables & choices facing you when it comes to picking the right exhaust for you. One thing to remember is that certain factors are totally subjective, & others are empirical. For example, "What sounds nicest?" is totally subjective (i.e only YOU know the answer), whereas some performance issues are empirical, eg an "Axle Back" system won't really aid performance but a catback / full exhaust system will.

Price too is empirical!

Some of the Terminology you might see:
  • Axle Back or Cat Back
  • Headers / Downpipe
  • H pipe or X pipe
  • Street System or Competition System
  • Resonated or Non Resonated
  • Cat
PART 1 Looks in detail at what can be a bewildering array of terms

"Axle Back" exhausts refer to a shorter system that replaces the very rear of your exhaust, usually from the rear axle (wheels) backwards. They are a cost effective solution as they are cheaper than a catback system, & are usually the best way to get a nicer look & change the sound of your Mustang, if you aren't looking for performance.

The Steeda Axle Back (above) offers civilised drone free rear mufflers & great looking tips to release your V8 rumble.

The Kooks Axle Backs (below) offer an instant ferocious V8 soundtrack by deleting the rear mufflers/silencers entirely on one system (left) , or giving a very aggressive but slightly more controlled sound with their standard axle back (right)
As you can see, this offers 3 entirely different options & all at under £750 inc VAT & delivery.

"Cat Back" exhausts refer to what is the 'standard type' when referring to an aftermarket system. These usually run as the name suggests from AFTER the factory catalytic converter (cat) through to the rear of the car, so are longer than axlebacks & hence more expensive. Catbacks offer a better flowing exhaust solution, helping your engine to breathe better, & providing a boost in performance, as well as the looks & sounds gains offered by the Axle Back systems above. They also allow further expansion of the system by connecting directly to aftermarket Headers or Downpipe for a full exhaust system for optimal gains.

The Magnaflow Competiton Catback above shows the smaller silencers on offer on "Competition" systems, & also Black tips for a different look, as well as an X pipe at the front end of the system. As you see its a lot larger than Axle back systems above.

"Headers" or "Downpipe" refers to the section directly off the engine block & can incorporate factory replacement catalytic converters, hi flow performance cats, or cat delete sections. These are added to a catback system to provide the ultimate in performance gains, & often need accompanying engine tunes to be fully effective. In the case of Turbo cars, like the Ecoboost Mustang, often a tune is required when adding a full exhaust including a downpipe & high flow cat. Headers more usually refers to the exhaust manifolds on a normally aspirated car, whereas a downpipe often refers to a turbo car.

The pictures below show Kooks V8 long tube header system with high flow cats  & right MAP Ecoboost decatted Downpipe
"X pipe or H pipe" are terms that refer to V8 exhausts only. It is the section at the front of a catback system, replacing the OEM silencer with a section that either cross flows exhaust gasses (X pipe) or has a lateral connecting pipe between the two sides of the exhaust (H pipe). Preferences differ but as a guide, an X pipe will provide a raspier more "race car" sound & more top end performance, while an H pipe will produce more of the classic V8 rumble & slightly better performance in the lower end.

Left shows H pipe section, right shows Kooks catback with X pipe
"Street or Competition / Resonated or Non-Resonated" refer to the type of silencing & are interchangeable, depending on manufacturer. Generally a "Street" or a "Resonated" system will be more civilised / quieter with less chance of resonance / drone when cruising, whereas a "Competition" or "Non-resonated" system will have smaller or zero silencing for a more raucous tone. The reasoning behind the "competition" name is no silencing should provide no impedance to exhaust gas flow & the benefit of a lighter weight however these benefits are marginal compared to the increase in volume produced!

"Cat" is short for Catalytic Converter, a system designed for EU emissions testing.


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