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Steeda S550 Functional Street Wing

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Steeda S550 Functional Street Wing
  • Steeda S550 Functional Street Wing
  • Steeda S550 Functional Street Wing
  • Steeda S550 Functional Street Wing
  • Steeda S550 Functional Street Wing
  • Steeda S550 Functional Street Wing
  • Steeda S550 Functional Street Wing
  • Steeda S550 Functional Street Wing

Steeda's S550 Functional Street Wing for the 2015-2016 Mustang carries on the tradition of previous Steeda wing models by looking great and also providing functional down force. This wing features a sleek design that follows the curvatures of the 2015-2016 Mustang.

It can be installed and used by itself, although is also a great compliment to a front splitter to provide a balanced increase in front and rear downforce at high speeds.

For vehicles that are equipped with an OE spoiler, you will need to use two of the existing holes and drill two new holes (one on each side) to properly mount this wing; plugs are included to fill the other two existing holes, which you can have painted to match the color of your Mustang.

Vehicles that have no pre-existing wing or OE spoiler will need to have four holes drilled (two on each side) to properly mount this wing. Plugs are also included to fill those holes if you decide to remove your wing.

We include an image of the included template so you can get an idea prior to ordering (not to scale of course)

Note: Our Steeda S550 Functional Street Wing ships unpainted. Wing does not fit convertible models.

Product Benefits

  • Race tested and proven functionality
  • Aggressive styling
  • Easy bolt on installation

Part: 307-0015K

Fitment: GT & Ecoboost - NOT CONVERTIBLE

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Received this wing from SteedaUK it had more scratches and worn edges than it should !!!
It also had NO protective wrapping ie paper wrapping unlike the winglets which were fully wrapped in protective paper and only bubble wrapping on the actual wing it looked like s demo wing or been lying around to be honest this would put me off buying anything Again from Steeda and when called was told that this is the way it is from the factory , Iím sure once I have paid another fortune it will look good.
Mark B.
Sorry Mark, as we explained both prior to purchase and after purchase, the wings come primered (so the final paint finish isnt damaged in transit) and ready for your paint shop to finish to your specification.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the wing you received and once its painted it will look great.

Complaining about tiny marks on a primer surface is really unnecessary.

We hope you will be happy when you see you have chosen and fitted a solid and functional high quality product.