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Steeda Focus Bumpsteer Kit

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Steeda Focus Bumpsteer Kit
  • Steeda Focus Bumpsteer Kit
  • Steeda Focus Bumpsteer Kit
  • Steeda Focus Bumpsteer Kit
  • Steeda Focus Bumpsteer Kit
  • Steeda Focus Bumpsteer Kit

If you have substantially lowered your vehicle chances are you have introduced bumpsteer. What is bumpsteer? Bumpsteer is changes in toe caused by suspension movement.

Every car has bumpsteer, however when you lower the vehicle you increase the amount of bumpsteer that occurs, if this becomes excessive you will begin to notice some unwanted vehicle driving characteristics.

When you turn your steering wheel you are essentially changing the toe of the wheels to turn the vehicle. Excessive bumpsteer is undesirable because it introduces unwanted steering inputs which means the suspension is steering the car instead of the driver. If your car is lowered and has tracking issues and less predictable steering behavior, you need a Steeda Focus Bumpsteer Kit for your 2012-2015 Focus.

Steeda's Ford Focus Bumpsteer Kit for your 2012-2015 Focus will allow you to correct your bumpsteer geometry and can do so without requiring you to drill or modify your vehicle spindle.In addition, our bumpsteer kit makes a great service replacement for your worn out, high mileage outer tie rods even if you do not have excessive bump steer issues.

Product Benefits

  • Fix unwanted steering characteristics
  • Direct replacement installation
  • Wide range of adjustment
  • High quality construction and fit
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Normally available in the UK
Part: 555 8138

Fitment: Focus MK3 inc ST