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Kooks S550 GT Long Tube Headers

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Kooks S550 GT Long Tube HeadersFor the ultimate in Mustang GT V8 normally aspirated performance, you will need to help that engine breathe. And thats doubly true when you have gone for forced induction like a turbo or a supercharger, as the air being pushed INTO the engine needs to get out as fast as it can.That means a quality exhaust system, and thats what Kooks do. Kooks can provide their renowned Long Tube Headers either as part of a complete Kooks Exhaust system, or to add to your existing aftermarket catback, or to add to a factory standard exhaust system.

You will see bolt on power gains with these systems, but they are best combined with a Steeda Tune for ultimate performance gains.

Kooks make their systems in a variety of configurations to suit your needs and your budget.
Available in 1 3/4" size - Ideal for normally aspirated Mustangs OR 1 7/8" size ideal for big power cars over 600 hp Forced Induction Mustangs

In order to combine with OEM and other systems (including the Kooks catbacks) these headers have connectors that will work with all the above. However for a true 3" 'All the way' system, you can buy a complete Kooks exhaust system that goes from the headers to the tips, and eliminates the OEM size 2 3/4" connections.

The systems also come with either:

1. Decat System - for Offroad use
2. Kooks High Flow 300 Cell cats - our recommended standard choice for normally aspirated street cars
3. Green Super High Quality 300 Cell cats - our recommendation for high power cars or for cars that will see the track,

Kooks Header systems come with:
  • 1 3/4" OR 1 7/8" x 3" Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers
  • Includes Kooks  Decat / Race Catted / Green catted Connection Pipes
  • O2 extensions, 
  • Gaskets, 
  • All installation hardware included

Size Guide Tip: If you think you will fit a forced induction system later (or already have one!) then choose 1 7/8" system. If you are staying NA under 600 hp, then the 1 3/4" system is perfect for you. Unless the power is high enough to benefit from the larger size, you will actually benefit LESS with the 1 7/8" system as you will not see optimal torque gains. Bigger is not always better!

Part no:
1151H210  : 1 3/4" Decat (off road)
1151H220  : 1 3/4" Kooks Cat
1151H230  : 1 3/4" GREEN Cat
1151H410  : 1 7/8" Decat (offroad)
1151H420  : 1 7/8" Kooks Cat
1151H430  : 1 7/8" GREEN Cat