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5 / 5
FOCCLUT : Steeda Focus Clutch Spring and Perch Pre-Assembled Kit
Feels much better when changing gear and stops the pedal from sinking to the floor. Very good product.
James C. 9/9/2019 at 13h33
5 / 5
Simple little modification, it does make a difference. Its new to me and not sure if its every focus but as soon as I lift my foot on the clutch it adds throttle on it's own and with the old spring it forced your foot back and raised the revs sat at every junction, now it's less of a leg workout and feels like theres more control and seem to be able to launch the car faster from a standstill.
Michael B. 5/12/2019 at 09h12
5 / 5
Very good product that solved my clutch problem!
Mathias P. 5/2/2019 at 23h46
5 / 5
Iíve always had an issue with the way the focus clutch pedal felt. The clutch pedal just felt too light and vague. I would often judder the car when pulling from 1st to 2nd. I needed to fix the issue. I started by trying the spring in my wifeís ST line. Spring wasnít as harsh but felt so much better: I then ordered this because nothing could be worse than stock. This is a perfect product and well worth the money. This has transformed the feeling when driving my car. Highly recommended.
DANIEL W. 4/21/2019 at 14h05
5 / 5
Good product, it works in STline.
Julen G. 10/12/2018 at 18h45
5 / 5
The clutch spring was fairly easy to fit albeit in a tight space near the pedals. It now seems less likely to spring up at the last moment making it smoother throughout the travel of the pedal.
Mark W. 8/14/2018 at 13h42
5 / 5
Completely transformed the cars clutch feel, no longer do i have terrible shifts between 1st and 2nd. One tip for those without a vice, use vice grips on the spring and a pair of long angled pliers to apply even pressure underneath the base were they say to pull with your fingers, don't apply clamping pressure though. I couldn't get it apart with my hands, even with this method it was hard to get apart.
Matthew L. 6/16/2018 at 20h24
5 / 5
Best decision! A bit stiffer but not AS linear as I thought but way happier with this feel than the old one, definitely buy it if you aren't a cranky driver who complains about the manual in traffic ;) 10/10 on the product.
Bento N. 4/6/2018 at 01h47
1 / 5
Iím sure the spring update works fine the only problem no way you can pull apart perch without breaking it which I did cost 66pounds for new assembly not happy.
Ray N. 2/18/2018 at 15h20
4 / 5
Top product great. However the 9 pound ups delivery is steep and ended up being delivered via Royal Mail, which is definitely not 9 pounds to deliver such a light item.
Derek S. 11/15/2017 at 20h00
Hi Derek,

thanks for the review, we love customer feedback.

We are currently looking at shipping options as we are changing our systems currently. Our minimum fee is £9 for tracked next day delivery for premium Steeda service, as most of our products tend to be a lot larger. However with the popularity of our clutch springs we are currently looking for a more affordable option for these products. 11/16/2017 at 11h27
1 / 5
Didn't really make a difference and awkward to pull apart the old spring. Doesn't make the clutch pedal any lighter.
Dan. 11/13/2017 at 00h59
Hi Dan,

Thanks for taking the time out to review we appreciate all feedback.

I just want to clarify something, in that the spring is not meant to make the clutch pedal lighter, but to give it a more linear feel, allowing better clutch control.

We hope you give some of our other great Focus products a try too. 11/13/2017 at 10h04
5 / 5
Worthy upgrade.
Graham G. 11/12/2017 at 22h48
4 / 5
Noticed an improved clutch feel.
John L. 11/8/2017 at 09h26
5 / 5
Such a big difference from a small change. Clutch feel is much improved and gear changes smoother!
Tim C. 11/4/2017 at 23h09
5 / 5
Easy to fit and the feel of the clutch pedal afterwards is 100% better.
Stephen M. 10/31/2017 at 23h04
5 / 5
Clutch spring makes a massive difference actually feel like i have a clutch !!
Ryan T. 9/3/2017 at 21h11