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Steeda UK: The Leader in Ford Performance for Europe


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For GT V8 or 2.3 Ecoboost Mustang

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For Focus Mk3 including ST & RS

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For Fiesta Mk7 including ST

The leading European supplier of high quality after market Ford Mustang, Focus, Mondeo and Fiesta parts & upgrades based in the UK.

Steeda are here because Speed Matters! Tuning and racing Ford vehicles of all types for over 25 years, Steeda have been proven to have no equal when it comes to Ford performance. We can enhance your UK Ford Mustang, Focus, Fiesta or Mondeo, whether you want looks and styling, performance and handling upgrades or a combination of both. From suspension to chassis upgrades, power and torque boosts or exhausts and wheels, Steeda UK is a one stop shop for your Ford performance parts and upgrades.

Note how we say Ford a lot! Thats because Steeda ONLY tune and work with Ford cars. Not like some brands who have to keep moving on and making the next part as fast as they can. Steeda hone and perfect each one of our Ford parts whether for Mustang, Focus, Mondeo or Fiesta, (and in the US the F150!) and constantly re-visit and improve our upgrades if we think we can. We never sit still as we want the best parts for your Ford and ours.

Now the S550 Mustang has landed, the UK and Europe has direct access to the best performance a 'stang can get. We stock the full range of Steeda Mustang parts in the UK and more too. Whether it's the Q750's mind boggling 777hp or just some dress up parts you want, Steeda will provide you with the best for your Mustang. Whether you have a V8 GT or a 2.3 Ecoboost Mustang, fastback or convertible, Steeda have got you and your pony covered. Not only that but we can hook you up with a range of specialists all over the UK and Europe who are approved to install your parts, including Ford dealers.

If you have an S197 Mustang or even an older Fox body or Cobra model, never fear, we can bring in whatever you need to order from Steeda's huge 4000 part number inventory. Just get in touch and we'll be glad to help.

Steeda Mustang Styling,spoiler, splitters, wings and interior and exterior dress up

Steeda UK Mustang Styling

Mustang Suspension, Springs, Coilovers, shocks and chassis mods

Steeda UK Mustang Suspension

Mustang bushes, braces, mounts and clutches

Steeda UK Mustang Drivetrain

Mustang exhausts, axle backs, catbacks and headers

Steeda UK Mustang Exhausts

If you have a Focus mk3, then no one does more than Steeda. For your ST and now your mk3 RS, we have a huge selection of parts from bonnet lifters to our famous cold air intakes that provide bolt on power. Steeda Anti Roll bars and Springs can sharpen your handling and our engine mounts help you put down all that EcoBoost power!

We also supply a range of parts for the Fiesta and Mondeo. If you want to see how amazing a Ford Mondeo can look after its been given the Steeda treatment, check our Steeda SSV Mondeo Sport page!

Steeda UK aren't just about Steeda, we also support and work with a range of partner companies who we believe bring you more of the best parts available. OZ Racing wheels, Michelin tyres, Sparco wheels, Velgen Wheels, Classic Design Concepts (CDC), Diode Dynamics, Eibach, KW Suspension, Ford Racing, DIsklok and more.

With the biggest and best selection of Ford parts for your Mustang or Focus, Mondeo or Fiesta all in stock in the UK, we are the one stop shop your 'Fast Ford' needs.  

Steeda offers the largest complete line of Ford-based parts and accessories in the world today and is considered the largest privately owned Ford-performance-based operation in the world. ISO certified for globally recognised quality control, you can count on Steeda.

We are constantly developing and road and race testing our performance parts, because your Ford deserves the best. Do it right.

Experience "the Steeda Difference".

Steeda Focus RS parts, RS2.3, Focus RS upgrades

Focus RS Parts

Mustang Suspension, Springs, Coilovers, shocks and chassis mods

Focus ST Suspension

Steeda performance packages for mustang and focus

Steeda Packages

Fiesta Wheels, Alloys, Sparco, OZ Racing, ST, RS

Fiesta mk7 Wheels

To check out Steeda's range of enhanced Ford vehicles direct from a Ford dealer with full factory warranty click on the link below.

Our range includes the Steeda Mondeo Sport, the Mustang Q350 Sport, based on the 2.3 Ecoboost package, the Q500 Enforcer our GT V8 based package and the thunderous Q750 StreetFighter, Whipple charged to tear up the street. 



"There can be little doubt the Q500 is a world away from a normal 5.0-litre model in terms of eagerness, agility and immediacy. It's not flighty or edgy, rather a vast improvement that makes the Enforcer immensely more satisfying to drive"

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"Steeda clearly knows what it’s doing....You turn in and it goes where you point it – you have confidence in it.... t’s impressive. It drives itself out of corners with determination and without any loss of traction. It’s on point... For an aftermarket car it feels very well engineered"

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"With a chassis you can trust and exploit, the Q500 Enforcer is far more entertaining and satisfying than any other Mustang we’ve driven so far on UK roads."

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"Chuck in an exhaust system that’s pure Bullitt and you’ve a fully-honed sports car that’s a world away from a regular Mustang. It feels like Porsche’s given it the once-over and perfected it into something more eager, agile and immediate"

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As the exclusive UK authorised dealer for Velgen wheels and Steeda wheels, Steeda UK are in a great position to offer you one of the things we love most, great wheels!

Whether for your Mustang, whether its S550 or an earlier non UK/  EU model, or for your other fast Ford's we have a great selection. We also work very closely with OZ Racing, as well as Sparco who provide our great lineup of Fiesta wheels and can provide Forgeline custom forged wheels to order. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we can happily advise you. Don't forget that the right wheel will not only totally transform the looks of your car, but can aid all around performance too both through reduced rotational weight and improved brake cooling.

For more pictures of Velgen Wheels on Mustangs check out our online gallery: CLICK HERE FOR MUSTANG VELGEN WHEELS GALLERY 

Mustang Velgen wheels uk VMB5, vmb6,vmb7,vmb8,vmb9 classic 5

Velgen VMB5 Wheels

Mustang Velgen wheels uk VMB5, vmb6,vmb7,vmb8,vmb9 classic 5

Velgen Classic 5 Wheels

Mustang Velgen wheels uk VMB5, vmb6,vmb7,vmb8,vmb9 classic 5

Velgen VMB9 Wheels

Mustang Velgen wheels uk VMB5, vmb6,vmb7,vmb8,vmb9 classic 5

Velgen VMB6 Wheels

Ford Fiesta Sparco Trofeo Wheels
Ford Fiesta Focus Sparco Assetto Gara wheels

Sparco Trofeo Wheels

Sparco Assetto Gara Wheels

Ford Fiesta Sparco Pro Corsa Wheels
Ford Fiesta Sparco Drift Wheels

Sparco Pro Corsa Wheels

Sparco Drift Wheels